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Prof. Adrian Olaru
University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania
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IJMO 2013 Vol.3(1): 80-83 ISSN: 2010-3697
DOI: 10.7763/IJMO.2013.V3.239

An Improved Proxy Blind Signature Scheme Based on Time Stamp Value

Asif Uddin Khan, Jayakrushna Sahoo, and Sanket Dash

Abstract—The proxy signature scheme allows an entity called original signer to delegate his signing capability to another entity called proxy signer. Blind signature allows a user to get a signature without giving the signer any information about the actual message or the resulting signature. Proxy blind signature, which combines the properties of both proxy signature and blind signature, is useful in many applications. In this paper we analyze the Yang et.al proxy blind signature scheme and an improved scheme is presented to overcome the security weakness of existing proxy blind signature scheme based on DLP. The security of the improved scheme is enhanced by using the proxy signer’s private key and a timestamp value in the signing phase. The analysis shows that the new scheme resolves security problems in the previous scheme, meets the aspects of security feathers needed by proxy blind signature.

Index Terms—Blind signature, DLP, proxy signature, timestamp.

Asif Uddin Khan is now with Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Trident Academy of Technology, Bhubaneswar, India (e-mail: asifkhan.iiit@ gmail.com).
Jayakrushna Sahoo now is with the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India (e-mail: jayakrushnas@gmail.com).
Sanket Dash is now with Symbiosis Institute of Technology Pune, India (e-mail: sanketdash.iiit@gmail.com).


Cite: Asif Uddin Khan, Jayakrushna Sahoo, and Sanket Dash, "An Improved Proxy Blind Signature Scheme Based on Time Stamp Value," International Journal of Modeling and Optimization vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 80-83, 2013.

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